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Password based Access Control System

Card Based Access Control System is specially designed for offices and enterprises Application. Navkar Systems is engaged in offering a wide range of Fingerprint/Card Based Access Control Machines at low price and of Good Quality. Fingerprint with RF Standalone Access Controlprovides the authorized access and prevent from unauthorized access. Standalone Door Access Control Systems are used as security solution equipment in a number of sectors like offices, Banks, Industries and other Commercial Premises.


T123 is a Realtime RFID Card / Password Based Single Door Lock System. Password based Door Lock System can keep record of 6399 card or Passwords.RFID Card Based Single Door Lock System Enhances security by removing problem of doors being accidentally left unlocked.T123 is a Branded and good quality product with good performance. It has Multi-function Standalone Door controller with inbuilt EM / Mifare card reader and also Supports External Reader.




  • Basic Config: Built-in proximity card reader and PIN keyboard
  • Operating Voltage: 9V-15V

For more Details about Latest Access Control Systems with SMS Alert in India you can visit our Sites at www.navkarsys.com , biometricattendanceindia.com or For further query, Please contact us at info@navkarsys.com or Call at +91-9416135607


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