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LAN Based Time Attendance System

Navkar Systems is engaged in offering a wide range of LAN Based Time Attendance Systems.

LAN based Attendance System Dealers in India

Just the touch of a finger or the punch of a card, a one second scan or flash of an ID card is all it takes

      Companies integrate their applications with their Biometric Attendance System to efficiently and effortlessly manage time, money, materials, people and physical access to sensitive  areas.

We have Dealers who Provides us Best Quality of LAN Based Time Attendance System for Airport Security, Corporate Offices,Custom Security, Banks, Industries, factories, construction sites, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, Hostels and Hospitals.

Salient  Features of Time Attendance System :

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Convenient and inexpensive.
  • Low price with good performance.
  • It Provides Unique identity Number to a Person.
  • This is Secure and Easy to Operate.
  • True Accountability and provide the accurate record.
  • 1 Yr. Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Free Shipping and Installation Support.

You can online buy the LAN Based Time Attendance System easily through navkarsys.com .

Navkar Systems are also Suppliers of Navkar Brand & OEM / White Labelled LAN Based Time Attendance Machines as well.

For more Details about Latest LAN based Attendance System / Machine in India. You can visit our Sites at www.navkarsys.com , biometricattendanceindia.com or Contact Us at these numbers for further query : +91 999635607, +91 9416135607  or you can  Mail Us at info@navkarsys.com.

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