How to choose the right Attendance / Access Control System for your organization?

There are many factors that can help us suggest the most appropriate Attendance machine for you

For this you need to answer the following questions:

1. How many employees / members/ students you have?
2. Do you want attendance using fingerprint or card or face or using a combination? Please state.
3. Do you want just the basic in out time in a sheet or more than that?
4. Do you want a low cost machine or you want the best one which has all the features and runs for years and budget is not a problem.
5. Do you have somebody who can use attendance software on a PC, or you want to do without using a software?
6. Do you want only 1 site for attendance or multiple sites to take the attendance?
7. If you have multiple sites for attendance taking, then how you would like to get the attendance data?
8. Do you also want the door to be opened by EM Lock using the attendance machine?
9. Are you comfortable with buying the attendance machine without onsite installation and get the support online through youtube videos? OR you want somebody to come over to you and show the demo and then you want it to be installed.
10. How soon you want the attendance machine to be implemented at your site?
11. Are you comfortable with online support or you want onsite support and want to pay onsite AMC charges?
12. What are your payment terms?
13. What are your custom requirements which is not covered in above questions.
14. Do you want the SDK or API for your own software integration?
15. What other service and support you expect from us?
16. Do you want the machine for your own use or for reselling purpose?
17. If you want any local vendor to get in touch with you, Please provide your complete name, address, zipcode, mobile no etc.

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