Audio Door Phone India

Navkar Systems provide a very simple and cost effective solution for homes to attend guest using door phone. Audio Door Phone is a very low cost and feasible solution for any home. It consists of 1 pc outdoor bell unit and 1 pc indoor phone set and both are connected through a 2 pair wire only and power to the audio door phone set is given from the indoor unit. Once the guest press the button on the outdoor unit of Audio Door Phone a bell rings in the indoor unit, the host can pick up the receiver and talk to the guest on phone. There is also a addon option of Electronic lock is also available which can be installed on the door and when the host presses the unlock button on the indoor unit the lock gets opened and the guest can come inside.

This system is even more useful where the host lives on 1st or upper than 1st floor and the entrance door is on the ground floor and its a real exercise for the host to come down the stairs and open the door for the guest everytime.

Since Audio door phone is a very affordable solution its is recommended for every house.

For More details and Prices, you can whatsapp or call to 9996635607 or email to

Accessories of Access Control System Full range at

Access Control Full range of Accessories available at Navkar Systems  -
• 100 lbs Em lock
• 350 lbs Em lock with feedback & Led
• 600 lbs Em lock with Led
• 600 lbs EM lock 12v/24v
• 600 lbs EM lock with feedback
• 600 lbs EM lock with feed / timedelay
• 600 lbs EM lock with buzzer and feedback
• 600 lbs Double Leaf Em lock
• 1200 lbs Em lock
• Frameless glass door drop bolt lock with timer and feedback
• U bracket
• L bracket
• Z Bracket
• GG Bracket
• U bracket for Drop bolt lock
• SS Exit switch 3×3 (2 port/3 wires)
• Plastic Exit switch with Radium Glow (2 port/ 3 port)
• Plastic Panic Switch
• No touch exit switch

Please call or whatsapp to 9996635607

Aadhar based Biometric Attendance System for PMKVY Project

Aadhar based Biometric Attendance System is used to mark attendance of employees / students using Aadhar card number and the fingerprint which is stored in Aadhar server. And it helps in avoiding any proxy attendance. Navkar Systems is Supplying all types of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance Machines. We are supplying Aadhar based Biometric Machines to all parts of India.

Types of Aadhar based Biometric Attendance Systems as follows

  • Wifi 3G GSM tablet based Aadhaar enabled Biometric machine
  • Wifi 3G GSM tablet with LAN based Aadhaar enabled Biometric system
  • Iris Based Aadhaar enabled Biometric machine
  • Wifi 4G tablet based Aadhaar enabled Biometric machine
  • Fingerprint Scanner for Desktop Computer

Benefits / Advantages of Aadhaar based Biometric Attendance System

  • Realtime Attendance
  • Prevent false attendance
  • Prevent proxy punching due to linking with Aadhar data
  • Track entry time exit time monthly attendance.
  • Real-time data can be accessed all over World using government cloud application by the government.
  • No data loss, since all the data is stored on government server only.

Price of PMKVY Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System

GET UIDAI Based STQC Certified Biometric Time and Attendance Machine. These devices can be used in PMKVY scheme. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

We have the best time attendance system with AADHAR Link. Our device is DGSnD certified.

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System Distributors

Successful implementation of Aadhaar Attendance System NIC Certificate
DGSnD Rate Contract DGSnD Registration 3G


We have 2 types of Android based Attendance System Suitable for Aadhar Based Attendance

  1. iTAB XP
  2. iTAB XT
Aadhaar Attendance Machine installation process / Aadhaar Attendance Machine installation process

For more information contact us at  9996635607, 9416135607 or mail us at

Biometric Fingerprint USB Based Scanner for PC Security with Software and USB Cable

Biometric Fingerprint USB based PC Security Scanner with Software

  Biometric Fingerprint USB based PC Security Scanner with Software

We at Navkar Systems are also offering Biometric Fingerprint USB Based Scanner for PC Security with Software and USB Cable to help you secure your PC. By using this scanner only you will be able to access the windows and apply other sort of access restrictions on the PC Data using the software. Please email us at regarding your requirement for Biometric Fingerprint USB Based Scanner for PC Security with Software and USB Cable or Whatsapp to 0091-9996635607


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